St. John’s Vestry leads the parish in partnership with clergy. The Vestry governs in three primary capacities: fiduciary (budgets and buildings), strategic (long-range planning) and generative (providing wisdom, guidance and creative ideas for mission and ministries). Vestry members, who represent the congregation in every area of decision making, are elected at the annual parish meeting held in late January or early February and serve staggered three-year terms. The Vestry meets monthly.

Contact Person:  

Doug Sessions

This body of spiritual leaders is currently led by:

Doug Sessions, Senior Warden

Lynn Solomon, Junior Warden

Cindy Sessions, Treasurer

Jim Messer, Finance Chairperson

Brooke Kennerly, Secretary

George Gwynn, Chancellor

Term Ending 2021

Andy Ashler

Jenny Blalock

Mike Fields

Skip Foster

Rebecca Brown

Term Ending 2022

Shelby Augustyniak

Alex Boler

Ben Bowersox

Doug Sessions

Lynn Solomon

Term Ending 2023

Dennis Howard

Jim Messer

Lance Langston

Mary Byrd Sims

Peggy Bielby

Vestry Chair Contacts

Adult Education Commission: Dennis Howard and Jim Messer

Children/Family Commission: Rebecca Brown

Communications Commission: Skip Foster

Finance Commission: Mike Fields

Lively Café Commission: Peggy Bielby

Music and Worship Commission: Alex Boler and Lance Langston

Nominating Committee: Skip Foster

Outreach Commission: Shelby Augustyniak and Dennis Howard

Parish Life Commission: Peggy Bielby and Mary Byrd Sims

Pastoral Care Commission: Andy Ashler

Personnel Commission: Ben Bowersox and Jim Messer

Stewardship Commission: Ben Bowersox

Youth Commission: Jenny Blalock

2020-21 Convention Delegates

Gene Adams
Mary Call Proctor


Carol Newman
Angie Wylie

2021-22 Convention Delegates

Lynn Bannister
Julian Proctor


Jim Apthorp
Rob Sniffen