Our Beliefs

Since 1829, St. John’s Episcopal Church has sought to love Christ and our neighbors in Tallahassee and the world. How do we do this? By helping people connect more deeply with God and each other.

At St. John’s, we profess God’s love for every human being and welcome all people regardless of age, race, income, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression. We would love for you to visit St. John’s! Click here for more about who we are and what we do.

We realize that many people are looking for a trail map to guide them to deeper connection with God and neighbor. Above are four compass points — Belong, Grow, Serve, and Center — to provide guidance as you follow Jesus on the way that leads to abundant life. These points don’t form a continuum. One doesn’t start with Belong and graduate to Grow. Rather, these four directions are active and present simultaneously in every Christian life.

Godspeed on your journey, and please know that St. John’s staff and congregation are here to walk by your side in a spirit of love and gratitude. You are welcome at St. John’s, wherever you are on your spiritual journey.