HVAC Replacement 2024

Many of you have noticed over the past year that Sunday services have often been downright humid and uncomfortable. Temperatures have been difficult to regulate in our sanctuary, meeting spaces, offices, choir room, and sacristies, leaving them stuffy and inhospitable. The culprit is our HVAC system (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), specifically, the chiller, which is well past its expiration date. The situation is unsustainable, and the issue is critical. The current chiller will fail within the year if it is not replaced. 

Over the last several months, St. John’s Vestry, Property Commission, Finance Committee, and your clergy, have done their due diligence and prayerfully discerned a way forward. You can see it outlined below.

St. John’s clergy, and our HVAC Project Committee Chairs Mary Byrd and Ramsay Sims, are asking for your financial support to keep our sanctuary and campus welcoming and cool as we continue to do God’s ministry and work at St. John’s. 

Our financial goal to accomplish this critical work is $1.5 million. We recognize this is a significant goal, slightly more than our budget for an entire year of pledged giving. There are many ways to accomplish this, through cash, checks, IRA distributions, charitable funds, or stock gifts. You can give easily by clicking the button below.

Our shared life together at St. John’s is a source of continual joy. Help us to “keep cool” as we steward our beloved grounds into the next generation of faithful life and service. 

For more information, please view Fr. Lonnie’s January 21, 2024 sermon where he explains the need for the HVAC replacement on our YouTube Channel by clicking here.

HVAC Replacement F.A.Q.