The St. John’s Choir School is a large undertaking, and could not be possible without the support of so many generous individuals.

We welcome all to support this exciting program with time, talents, or financial gifts!


The budget for the St. John’s Choir School is currently separate from all other ministries at St. John’s. Beginning in 2024, St. John’s Operating Budget (SJOB) assumes the program costs gradually, starting at 25%, and growing annually by 25% increments until the full cost of the ministry is absorbed into the operating budget in 2027 (see the table below). Until St. Johns fully funds the Choir School in 2027, the Choir School Fund (CSF), made up of your donations, funds the difference.

The choir school budget covers line items for vocal instructors, curriculum materials, marketing costs, salaries, etc. Money to cover the costs in 2022-2023 came totally from the restricted Choir School Fund (CSF), established in 2020. Donations to the Choir School Fund are welcome in any amount and will help us bridge the gap until 2027.

CS YearFiscal YearChoir School Budget Total% from SJOB$ from SJOB$ from CSF

In-kind donations

Much of the support for the choir school comes from in-kind donations with a range of value from 10s to 1000s of dollars. These donations allow the Choir School to provide piano lessons, safeguarding chaperones, and snacks at no additional cost to the program.    

For more information about the Choir School budget, please reach out to Marissa Hall, Assistant Director of Music and Director of the Choir School. To make a tax-deductible gift online, please click “make a donation” button below. To see volunteer opportunities and get involved in the day-to-day activities of the St. John’s Choir School, please click the “volunteer” button to be directed to our volunteer sign-up.