The term “Choir School”, while today sometimes used to denote a private boarding school, is used here to recall the roots of an ancient Christian practice (ca. 590 AD) of educating children in music – called the schola cantorum or “school of singing.”

During the late Middle Ages through the Protestant Reformation in England, the Catholic schola cantorum evolved into a series of boarding schools attached to cathedrals. These schools provided a holistic and well-rounded education with a strong emphasis on music, characterized by a combination of intense study and practical application.

The children enrolled in these schools were responsible for leading liturgical singing in the Anglican tradition and received a high-quality education throughout the course of their study.

The St. John’s Choir School is an initiative that grew out of the parish’s strategic plan, but for nearly a decade this program has been a dream of St. John’s Music Ministry. We hope that in the near future, we will be able to expand further into the Tallahassee community so local residents can also reap the many benefits from this opportunity for music education.