September 23, 2020

Becoming Beloved Community

As the Episcopal branch of the Jesus Movement, we work to foster Beloved Communities where all people may experience dignity and see themselves and others as beloved children of God. The Becoming Beloved Community Consultation is part of the larger effort of the Episcopal Church and the local church community to “do justice.”

St. John’s is already engaged in racial healing and reconciliation efforts, but there is always an opportunity for improvement — to do better, to do more. That is the objective of this Consultation — to identify the areas where St. John’s can “do” better.

The Consultation will meet twice monthly for six months, beginning in September 2020. As with previous Consultations, the parish will receive updates along the way, but more importantly the parish will have several opportunities to gather for discussions about the book the Consultation is reading, Living Into God’s Dream – Dismantling Racism In America.

We are excited to be able to have this dialogue with the parish as we take this journey.

Consultation Members:

  • Marcy Muldrow Sanders, Co-chair
  • Jim Messer, Co-chair
  • Deacon Joe Bakker
  • Claire Dodd
  • Margaret Edwards
  • Mary Frances Foster
  • Byron Greene
  • Cheryl Haynes
  • Susan Jones
  • Fr. Dave Killeen
  • Alvin Lee
  • Fr. Wallace Marsh
  • Mtr. Abi Moon
  • Meagan Owens
  • David Proctor
All parish members are invited to join the reading and upcoming discussions about: Living Into God’s Dream – Dismantling Racism In America, a collection of essays edited by Catherine Meeks, PhD.

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