May 23, 2023

Lay Leadership Spotlight

This “Lay Leadership Spotlight” was originally published in the Diocese of Florida’s Bishop’s Institute Newsletter, V. 41 (May 2023 issue). The wonderful Marcy Muldrow Sanders, a dedicated parishioner and a member of our church vestry, is no stranger to the people of St. John’s. However, we are pleased that our brothers and sisters throughout the Diocese of Florida have been given a chance to get to know Marcy. Her personality and dedication shine through in this interview, a testament to her growing faith to love and serve the Lord.

An Interview with Marcy Muldrow Sanders

By the Rev. Cn. Dr. H. Douglas Dupree,
Canon Theologian & Rector, The Bishop’s Institute for Ministry and Leadership

Marcy, I have enjoyed meeting you through the current Bishop’s Institute LLM Pastoral Care course that meets monthly since March. I was particularly struck by your commitment to your church—St. John’s Episcopal Church, Tallahassee—and willingness to serve on their Vestry and assume other leadership roles in the church.

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