April 7, 2021

Easter Day Photos

What a blessing it was to regather with members of our church family on Easter Day. Much appreciation for the MANY hands that made our in-person, online, and drop-by Easter gatherings possible. Our flowering Easter cross was filled with blooms by the end of the day!

Everyone remained masked on campus, per regathering guidelines, but we invited worshippers to remove masks for photos if they desired. Below is a sampling of portraits. Nearly 100 groups were photographed on Easter Day in our garden! All of the photos can be viewed and downloaded from the gallery by clicking on the link below.

Download Instructions: Once in the full gallery, hover over the photo you wish to download. An download icon will appear on the lower right of your selected photo. On mobile devices, click on the photo you wish to download. The photo will open in a separate window and a download icon will appear above your selection.

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