August 11, 2023

“Invite Welcome Connect” Survey

As we ramp up to start the Year of the Bible at St. John’s, Sunday School for all ages, and a new year of Parish Life events, we’d like to take a minute to hear from you about how St. John’s welcomes newcomers. Let us know where we can improve! Our Invite Welcome Connect teams are continuing to work on rejuvenating all things hospitality. We talked about this over the summer during our weekly post-worship conversation series on Christian hospitality.

Please help us by taking a simple survey that addresses everything that might make a newcomer feel welcome (or not!) on Sunday mornings, like adequate signage, clean facilities, and easily accessible information. We want to know your thoughts! We’ll keep this survey open until August 27, and then our Invite Welcome Connect teams will review the answers and get to work ensuring that St. John’s is a friendly, welcoming, safe space for all!

If you’d like to discuss hospitality at St. John’s in more detail, please contact Claire Dodd, Rector’s Assistant and Membership Coordinator.

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