January 25, 2023

2023 Lenten Prayer Partners

Looking for a positive discipline for Lent? Request a Lenten Prayer Partner!

The Lenten Prayer Partner ministry gets underway on Ash Wednesday – February 22. Everyone who signs up is secretly assigned a partner for whom they agree to pray for daily during Lent and remember weekly with a note or card. Correspondence should be sent via US Mail to remind these individuals that they are in your prayers. In turn, their name is given to someone else who prays for and remembers them.

All ages from kindergarten through age 125 are encouraged to participate! This is a lot of fun, but also a commitment. Once you or your child signs up, please remember to pray daily and recognize Prayer Partners weekly.

If you are interested in being a secret Prayer Partner for someone at St. John’s, please fill out the form below (or fill out a hard copy of the form in the church office) by Wednesday, February 15. You’ll know your form was successfully submitted when you see a confirmation message. We will be in touch with details about your Lenten Prayer Partner!


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