February 16, 2021

Shrove Tuesday Pancake Race

Which member of our St. John’s clergy is YOUR money on this Shrove Tuesday? It’s the first annual St. John’s Pancake Race to kick off our 2021 Lenten Challenge! Together, we can relieve the medical debt of residents in some of our state’s most financially vulnerable communities.

Special thanks to St. John’s parishioner Charlie Belvin, of Charles Belvin Productions, for volunteering his time to produce this fun launch video. #covidcreativity

A Bit of Background: The day before Ash Wednesday is known as Shrove Tuesday, a time to indulge before the beginning of Lent. At St. John’s, Shrove Tuesday has often featured pancake suppers to raise outreach funds. In the UK, some communities hold pancake races on Shrove Tuesday, a tradition that dates back centuries. In recent years, these fun community races have raised money for charity, which is what prompted our clergy to race with pancakes to kick off a parish-wide outreach effort to relieve medical debt.

This photo was taken in 1944, when longtime rector Parson Alfriend flipped flapjacks at the St. John’s Shrove Tuesday Pancake Party.

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