September 8, 2021

Parish Survey

The St. John’s Rector Search Committee is busy laying the groundwork to find God’s choice to be our next parish Rector. However, before this search can begin, our congregation must first discern who we are and what we are seeking in a Rector. To do this, we need you!

St. John’s has contracted with Holy Cow Consulting to conduct a parish survey. The results of this survey will essentially provide a Rector job description designed specifically for St. John’s. Please complete the survey on or before October 6, 2021. See the tips below before you begin, then click the button on this page to get started!

This survey will help our search committee collect and understand the range of views that exist within our parish, and the possibilities, capacity, and energy for moving our ministry into the future. The more people who take this survey, the more accurate it will be. Finding the person God has chosen to become the next rector of St. John’s is our entire congregation’s responsibility. By completing this survey, you are doing your part to ensure our plan is God’s plan.


Martin Proctor, Chair

Laurye Messer, Vice Chair


  • Set aside 30 minutes to answer all of the questions.
  • You must complete the survey in one sitting.
  • All survey responses are strictly anonymous.
  • Each person in your household, age 18 or older, should complete the survey.
  • Only one member of the household should complete the last seven questions of the survey (family demographics).

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