August 7, 2020

Quarantine Singing

This Sunday’s offertory hymn is special for many reasons. Like the other beautiful virtual hymns we have been treated to in recent weeks, it will be sung by members of the St. John’s Choir, gathered as one singing body thanks to technology. One of the key volunteers behind this magic is Marissa Hall, a former St. John’s adult choir member and sacred music intern who came to Tallahassee from Boston at the end of March to be with her parents during the pandemic.

While in Tallahassee, Marissa has been helping St. John’s and working remotely for the music programs at Trinity Church, Copley Square and St. Peter’s Church in Cambridge. During her second month of sheltering in place, Marissa decided to compose a hymn for quarantine.

Inspired by the community of St. John’s and many churches around the country, Marissa’s hymn describes the experience of church during a time of social distance. Read about Marissa’s inspiration, and then join us in song during Sunday’s offertory.

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