November 6, 2020

From Eden to Gethsemane

Alfriend Hall is more beautiful than ever! Almost three years ago a Donor Recognition Committee was established and challenged with finding a tangible way to express appreciation for the many people who contributed to the restoration, renovation and preservation of St. John’s through the “For All the Saints Capital Campaign.” After considering several possibilities, we were led and captivated by the work of Ron Yrabedra, a highly regarded and greatly appreciated local artist.

Several delightful conversations with Ron, and realizing his obvious in-depth historical knowledge of the Bible, he began to share his vision of this project as a triptych, “From Eden to Gethsemane.” This piece of artwork is now hanging in Alfriend Hall for you to see and appreciate.

Each panel is filled with symbolism you will enjoy discovering (The Fig tree, the Burning bush, the Olive tree, Doves, the Palm tree, Lilies of the Field, Wheat, the Grapevine, etc.) It is a magnificent masterpiece for St. John’s to cherish forever.

Graham Lounge has also been beautifully renovated and redecorated, and it’s west wall has another painting by Ron Yrabedra. The painting “ I am the Vine,” was inspired by our long-range plan “Visioning the Vineyard” and represents the St. John’s Foundation.

Both of the paintings have been generously donated by Dr. Raymond Bye and his wife, Kathy Bye in thanksgiving for St. John’s.

Photo courtesy: Tallahassee Magazine.

Until you can enjoy these works of art in person, we hope you will take a moment to learn more about the artist, Ron Yrabedra and what leads him to create artwork like our new piece in Alfriend Hall.

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