July 23, 2023

The Year of the Bible at St. John’s

This past week, Fr. Lonnie introduced the Year of the Bible at St. John’s, our parish’s exploration of God’s love story to all humanity. Every Christian—whether liberal or conservative, free-thinking or fundamentalist—has a right to holy scripture, and it is only together that we come to know it best.

The Year of the Bible at St. John’s begins with Miqra, our 72-hour Bible reading marathon. Enjoy this video and visit our website to learn about Miqra and all the activities that will shape our year.

Our deep-dive into the Bible is for people of all ages, backgrounds, and time commitments. Come journey with us in music, word, worship, and art. Together we will encounter afresh the ancient writings that provide the road map to a loving, life-giving, and liberating relationship with God.

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