October 27, 2020

Covenant for Regathering in Worship

Your health and safety is paramount, so we encourage anyone in the more vulnerable categories to continue to socially distance. In addition, we are asking all parishioners to please review our “Covenant for Regathering in Worship.”

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, I promise, with God’s help and to the best of my ability, to abide by St. John’s Parish Regathering guidelines and according to the regathering phase in which my congregation is authorized to carry out its mission and ministry. I understand the coronavirus is highly contagious, and there is a risk of infection that is beyond the control of the church in spite of precautions that are being taken. I will make my own decision as to my safety in entering St. John’s parish buildings, and for the safety of children and others in my care.

In fulfillment of our Baptismal Covenant, I will:


  1. Wear a mask over my nose and mouth at all times in church buildings, except momentarily to receive the sacrament or lead worship through an assigned speaking part.
  2. Only attend worship and receive communion if I am healthy and non-symptomatic with the novel coronavirus or any other transmittable disease that could compromise the health of another parishioner.


  1. Make no physical contact with people beyond the members of my own household.
  2. Maintain a six foot or more distance from others in the congregation and understand that all in-person singing will be done by our quartet. While in attendance I will listen and pray the words being sung, and save my singing for at-home worship.
  3. Respect any requests for distance, masking, cleaning, to ensure the safety and comfort level of others, even as restrictions are reduced.
  4. Immediately notify parish officials if I become symptomatic, if I am diagnosed as positive for the coronavirus, or if I believe I was at risk of infection when I attended the church.


  1. Trust and support the decisions of St. John’s parish leaders.
  2. Stay connected with others in my community by telephone, email, video chat, or mail.

We are grateful for the patience and faithfulness you have shown throughout the pandemic. As we continue moving throughout our stages of regathering, we ask for your commitment to help our parish family stay safe and keep connected in the months to come. Please let us know if you have questions or concerns.

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