September 1, 2020

Building our Legacy

In 2029, St. John’s will celebrate the 200th anniversary of our church. The St. John’s Foundation has a vision that — by this date — there will be at least 200 members in our 1829 Legacy Society.

Individuals become members of the 1829 Legacy Society when they make a planned gift to the Foundation, such as naming the Foundation in their will. An individual can make their intention known to make a planned gift to the Foundation by completing a non-binding Letter of Intent. When a planned gift is made to the Foundation, it goes into the Foundation’s endowment, and the Foundation’s Spending Policy permits it to spend 4% of investment earnings (not the principal) on programs and projects each year. Those programs and projects are suggested by the Vestry.


Currently, there are more than 90 Legacy Society members, our endowment is more than $1.5 million; therefore, in 2020, the Foundation was able to provide $38,588 for programs and activities.


If we are able to get 200 planned gifts committed for the Foundation’s endowment, just imagine that we could potentially have a $10 million endowment once those gifts are realized, and our 4% Spending Policy would mean that we could annually add $400,000 in programs and activities to our Church above its annual budget!

This would truly allow St. John’s to continue to grow and prosper spiritually and have an expansive presence in Tallahassee and in this region of Florida! Click below for some additional information from our Foundation Chair, Ray Bye.

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