June 29, 2020

Faith During the Pandemic: San Pedro Apóstol

On Sunday, June 28, we celebrated our companion parish, San Pedro Apóstol in Zorrilla, Cuba. St. John’s does this annually on the Sunday closest to the Feast Day of Saint Peter (San Pedro) and Saint Paul. After the service, during “Coffee Talk,” we continued our celebration of San Pedro Apóstol by discussing how the Cuban people are sustaining faith during this time of adversity.

Even on a good day, life in rural Cuba presents challenges, and that’s especially true now with COVID-19. We encourage you to listen to some testimonies — recorded by members of our sister parish for the people of St. John’s — about how faith and friendship are shining a light in the little town of Zorrilla.

Thank you to our Compass Rose Commission for continuing to connect our parish with San Pedro Apóstol, even in the midst of a pandemic!

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