August 21, 2020

Membership News

Moved in the past few years? Name changed because you got married? Cut that landline for good? We are continuing an update of our membership records. You may have completed a similar form for us in the past year. If that is the case and there have been no changes to your information, then no action is needed.

Please use this simple form to send your update.

Haven’t been around St. John’s long enough to warrant a membership update? Maybe you’re interested in our upcoming New Members’ Class! This for anyone who might be interested in becoming a member of St. John’s. We’ll discuss St. John’s history, what it means to be part of the Episcopal Church, and how you can get involved in our various ministries. This two hour retreat will be held via Zoom and we would love for you to join us!

Email Claire Dodd, our membership director, with questions or to register for the upcoming New Members’ class.

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