June 8, 2020

Place of Just Love

Renew your awareness of being loved and in the presence of the God who is all about and within you.

Find a quiet spot to sit and close your eyes focusing lightly on your breath.

INHALE. As you inhale, inhale God’s silent “I love you,” while visualizing His love being poured into all of your being.

EXHALE. As you exhale, exhale an “I love you” to God, visualizing your words being embraced by God’s heart.

You will find while sitting, cares and distractions may arise.

INHALE. As you inhale, inhale the love of God as well as your cares.

EXHALE. As you exhale your love to God, release your cares to Him.

As you practice this prayer, “A Place of Just Love” will emerge.

Repeat this rhythm of devotion for 10 minutes. 

Mindful practices are nuggets of wisdom to help you grow closer to God.

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