May 29, 2020

Adult Coloring

Mindful practices are nuggets of wisdom offered to help bring peace, comfort and a sense of God’s presence to our homes. This spring and summer, we are introducing you to some ideas with hopes that you will “try on” a new mindful practice and become more connected to God.

Today’s practice is about adult coloring, which has found a new audience in recent years. Through the simple act of coloring, you can experience relaxation.  Focusing on what’s in front of us becomes a “mini vacation” by suspending the flow of thoughts that “negatively color” our lives. Establishing a time and place for “Mindful Coloring”.  Gather your materials and find a comfortable place to color. Set a gentle timer for 5 to 15 minutes.  Choose a design that speaks to you and immerse yourself in the image, colors, and sounds.  Pay gentle attention to your breathing, noticing it has likely slowed and deepened.  When distracted by sounds, sensations, or smells, observe them without reacting.  Be Happy…remember the essence of mindfulness is being present to the moment. Free Mandala Coloring Pages: HTTPS://MONDAYMANDALA.COM/M

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