May 15, 2020

The Art of Paying Attention

Mindful practices are nuggets of wisdom offered to help bring peace, comfort and a sense of God’s presence to our homes. This spring and summer, we are introducing some ideas with hopes that you will “try on” a new mindful practice and become more connected to God. Today’s practice is about paying attention.

Poet Mary Oliver wrote “I don’t exactly know what a prayer is. I do know how to pay attention.” Tallahassee is blessed with places to practice paying attention to the beauty God offers up in creation. Walking slowly and focusing on the colors and textures of leaves, the songs of birds and insects, the warmth of light on our skin, the smell of humus or flowers, can empty us of busy thoughts and open us up to the Holy Spirit. Even a quiet spot in our yard can be an altar in the outdoors. Don’t be surprised to find that you have lost track of time and “wake up” feeling refreshed. Immersing ourselves in nature is good for us with many benefits both physical and spiritual.

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