March 9, 2021

Welcome to our New Members

Our St. John’s family is expanding! We recently welcomed and recognized by name our latest class of new members. We are so excited to have these individuals, several of whom met St. John’s through online services, officially join our church family.

While we can’t bring all 17 new members up to the altar for a welcome, we are excited to introduce them digitally, a method that allows us to see their smiling faces without masks!

Please join us in welcoming…

  • Catherine Connor
  • Rachelle Denmark and Angie Booth
  • Alison and Joseph Dillehay
  • Shanice Havers, Nic Petrizzo, and Rowan
  • Keith and Lorna Kibbey
  • Donna Jean Lindquist
  • Terry and Glenn MacGraw
  • Samantha Oppy, George Keller, and Jace
  • Melanie Yeager

We are glad you are part of the St. John’s family!

From left to right: Keith & Lorna Kibbey; Shanice Havers, Nic Petrizzo, and Rowan; Catherine Connor; and Donna Jean Lindquist.
From left to right: Alison and Joseph Dillehay; Rachelle Denmark and Angie Booth; Melanie Yeager; Samantha Oppy, George Keller, and Jace; and Terry and Glenn MacGraw.

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