Welcome to St. John’s Rector Search webpage! In the coming months, with the assistance of the Diocese of Florida, our parish will search together for a new Rector. We invite you to check back here for regular updates and other important information.

The search for a new Rector is not simply a hiring process, but rather a discernment guided by faith and prayer. Martin Proctor and Laurye Messer, Chair and Vice Chair of the Rector Search Committee, along with a group of diverse parishioners, view this undertaking as a mission of service to St. John’s. They will seek guidance from scripture, prayer, reflection, and they will welcome your input. Change can bring anxiety, but it can also provide an opportunity for transformative growth. As we face this time of change, let’s be mindful that St. John’s is not alone. God has walked beside our parish through 192 years of faith and we have seen a number of Rectors come and go. What has remained is the abiding presence of a never-changing God who will continue to guide us as we put our trust in him.