April 28, 2022

From Discernment Phase to Call Phase


Martin Proctor, Search Committee Chair
Laurye Messer, Search Committee Vice Chair

St. John’s Rector Search Committee has been hard at work, narrowing the field of candidates and bringing us one step closer to finding God’s choice for our new parish leader.

DISCERNMENT PHASE. The last of our first interviews was conducted by Zoom on Monday, March 28. From an initial field of 16 applicants, the committee has now whittled the search down to three individuals. Second interviews, which last three to four hours, have been conducted with two of the final candidates, The remaining candidate has a second interview scheduled for May.

CALL PHASE. This means our committee is still in the Discernment Phase but, with every interview, we are getting closer to the Call Phase, the time when the Rector Search Committee discerns that they have found the priest God has chosen for St. John’s. The committee will recommend this priest to the Bishop and once approved, the candidate will be presented to the Vestry for final approval. We are prayerful that a priest will be called by the end of June. We do want to stress that God’s time may not be our time. We can’t divulge any information about the three candidates because we want to protect their confidentiality, but we tell you that all of them are servants of God and St. John’s is blessed to have such quality people apply to be our rector.

PRAYERS NEEDED. Up until now, we have asked for you to pray for your Rector Search Committee. Now that we are nearing the Call Phase, we ask that you keep these three candidates in your prayers as well. Transitioning from the Discernment Phase to the Call Phase is a critical step in the search process and both your committee and the candidates need God’s loving guidance.

GRATITUDE. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank the Rector Search Committee for its dedication to seeking God’s will for St. John’s. It involves countless hours of work and it couldn’t be done without the kind support of the parish. So, thank you, St. John’s. We feel your love and support and we thank you for your patience, encouragement, and faithfulness!

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