July 17, 2020

Parish Regathering

On July 17, 2020, St. John’s Parish Regathering Plan was shared with the congregation. This plan was assembled by the St. John’s COVID-19 Task Force, considering public health guidelines from national, state, and local authorities, and following the protocols developed by the Episcopal Diocese of Florida.

The plan is a cautious one and is expected to evolve as circumstances warrant and conditions change in the Tallahassee community. Further, leadership shared that movement between levels or phases may occur in either direction based on virus activity. It is also possible that St John’s will choose an approach that blends facets of multiple levels. In any event, whenever there is a change in status, it will be communicated to the parish.

Below you can download the key points or highlights of each phase in our regathering process or you can read the plan in its entirety.

As we move through the phases of regathering, information will be shared through our weekly e-newsletter. If you do not receive Friday morning updates from St. John’s, please join that list.

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