October 6, 2020

Discovering Labyrinths

Looking for a unique contemplative experience? Try walking a labyrinth, a mindful practice that can take you on a symbolic spiritual journey!

As the path winds and twists its way to its ultimate point and back again, you can imagine yourself entering and emerging transformed. Approaching a deeper, spiritual center, coming closer to God or following the passage of life. Metaphors abound. Concentrating on slowly following the gravel path seems to naturally quiet the mind. The experience can be profound or a restful pause in a busy day.

As in any journey, all that is necessary is to take the first step. Here, Gerilyn Wartonick Herold writes on history and practice of labyrinths. Take a moment and learn more, or set out for a road trip around Tallahassee. Our city is home to half a dozen unique labyrinths, one of which is on the grounds of Holy Comforter Episcopal Church. This labyrinth (pictured above) is designed in the style of the 12th century labyrinth of Chartres cathedral and nestled within a butterfly garden. It is a beautiful spot!

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