October 14, 2020

Wild Gifts – A Stewardship Poem

As we reach the halfway point of our month-long Stewardship Season, let’s reflect upon giving with a poem about stewardship.

If you’re a fan of acclaimed poet Mary Oliver and her brilliant work, you’re sure to see the connection between the text below and one of Oliver’s most famous poems, ‘Wild Geese.’ Mary Oliver’s poem expresses what one must do in order to lead a good life. She implores the reader to not worry, so much about being good, but rather be true to nature and the beauty around it. As we reflect upon giving and gratitude this season, let’s not worry so much about giving perfectly, but rather giving from a place of love.

Wild Gifts
By The Rev. Kaji Dousa

You do not have to give perfectly.
You do not have to wrack your mind
Your bank account
Your possibilities
And dry them up in the desert air.
You have your despair, as do I.
They are linked
They are reparable
If we tell from the love place
And give from them, too
Your gifts have a place
“In the family of things.”
Thank you, Mary, for magnifying this.

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